The AI weapons are unmanned machines capable of delivering large-scale damage against any target, let alone the common foot soldier. The AI units have various tech abilities such as high speed, mobility, or destructive power.

AI Targets include GW-Pupa 5000, TJ-Chrysalis 6000, TR-Cocoon 7000, and the AL-Aurelia 8000.

Optional Parts Armory:Edit

Each of the three AI weapons have various Optional Parts to collect, which may take extreme time or precision to acquire. Optional parts may drop randomly from defeated AI, once you have completed the mission with an exceptional rank or New Best Time, or when the Optional Part you need has gone untouched by gunfire at the mission's end.

  • Jetpack

The Jetpack is used by the Pupa and if left relatively undamaged, you will be able to use it for the completion of Metal Gear ZEKE. It increases ZEKE's evasion

  • Railgun

The railgun is a weapon unique to the Chrysalis that is capable of tearing through walls and soft cover, though if you've managed to defeat Chrysalis without hitting the railgun, you will be able to use it for the completion of Metal Gear ZEKE. It increases ZEKE's attack

  • Radome

The Radome is used by the Chrysalis to detect incoming dumb rockets and swiftly avoid detonations. If you manage to destroy this unit, the Chrysalis will no longer dodge rockets. As with the railgun, Big Boss will be able to use the Radome for ZEKE, if kept intact.

  • Armor

Armor is used by the Cocoon fortress tank, and may be extremely difficult to acquire thanks in part to the chainguns mounted atop its head unit. Taking out the chainguns is not an option, so the last alternative is to destroy the AI Core from the ground or the middle deck, then proceed above quickly to detonate the entry hatch without alerting the sentry guns.

Once again, finish the Cocoon battle with no damage to the armor, and the Optional Part may be awarded to you.

Alternatively, fighting the Cocoon Type II in Extra Ops will yield the armor regardless how much you attack the other parts.

  • ZEKE Head Unit Salvage

Actually a Main Part, Head Unit salvage is represented by yellow bolts icons collected- up to five required to complete one Head Unit- and may also take some time to obtain. This salvage may be gathered from any AI, but is not always awarded even when the AI Head platform is not battle damaged. These parts are most easily acquired from Pupa and Cocoon, however Peace Walker Battle 2 may occasionally drop salvage as well.

Special heads from the AI bosses may be obtained for ZEKE by avoiding damaging the head on missions against the custom AIs.