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The following are achivements unlocked in Peace Walker on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

  • Vic Boss: Obtain every Trophy.
  • [Six trophies you get for completing the "Chapters" of the game]
  • Main Ops All Rank A: Cleared all Main Ops missions at Rank A or higher.
  • Main Ops All Rank S: Cleared all Main at Rank S.
  • Extra Ops All Cleared: Cleared all Extra Ops missions.
  • Extra Ops all Rank A: Cleared all Extra Ops missions at rank A or higher.
  • Extra Ops All Rank S: Cleared all Extra Ops missions at Rank S.
  • Big Boss: Cleared all Main Ops and Extra Ops missions with S Rank.
  • You have far too many Game Overs
  • Don't you have anything else to do with your time? : Rolled 100 times or more in a single mission.
  • Fulton Recovery Veteran: Reached 30 Fulton Recoveries
  • Hold-up Artist: Reached 100 hold-ups.
  • Lethal Enforcer: Reached 100 kills.
  • Stun Specialist: Reached at least 100 stun attacks or sleep-inducing attacks.
  • Costume Collector: Obtained every Costume.
  • Special Staff Recruiter: Assembled all special staff members.
    • Hideo Kojima in mission Infiltrate the Crater Base
    • The POW on roof in mission Travel to Mine Base
    • A POW in mission Zadornov Search 1
    • A POW in mission Zadornov Search 5
  • Hideo Kojima: Recruited Hideo Kojima.
  • Mech Catcher: Captured a Mech.
  • Gives me infinite ammo: Acquired Infinity Bandana. Never worry about running out of bullets ever again.
  • Stealth camoflage: developed the Stealth Camo
  • Kuwabara, Kuwabara: Heard a ghost on the radio
  • Paz's Thoughts: Read all of Paz's diary. There are 10 entries. You obtain them by defeating AI weapons. You can defeat the same one multiple times to obtain different diary entries.
  • Huey's Thoughts: Read Huey's letter.
  • Strangelove's Thoughts: Read all of Strangelove's memoirs (three entries).
  • Monster Hunter: Cleared all hunting quests.
  • CQC Six Shot: Performed CQC six times in a row.
  • I'm dead serious: Threw a chaff grenade at ZEKE (single player only). Zeke must have the Radome attached (obtainable from Chrysalis)
  • Leap of Faith: Performed a Leap of Faith.
  • You're pretty good: Shot an enemy in the middle of the rear end
  • I Feel...Safe: Wearing a Cardboard Box gives you that feeling of inner peace.
  • Indirect Attack: Attacked enemy soliders by blowing up an oil drum or truck (single-player only).
  • Launched ZEKE: Complete Metal Gear ZEKE.
  • Completed ZEKE: Customized ZEKE's head parts and foot parts with special AI weapon parts.
  • OUTER OPS Sortie: Carried out a mission in Outer Ops.
  • Elite Forces: Cleared "Capture the Enemy Base 06" in OUTER OPS using only soldiers.
  • Trader: Carried out a trade.
  • Deliverer: Sent an item using Delivery.
  • Paz Mania: Obtained Rank S on a date with Paz.
  • Kaz Mania: Obtained Rank S on a date with Kaz.
  • That Looks Tasty: Nicely cooked a ration.
  • VERSUS OPS All Rules: Played using all of the rules in VERSUS OPS.
  • Vic Voss: Reached 20,000 Camaraderie (playing online, either Coop or Versus)
  • Divine Wind: Collected a soldier using a divine wind.
  • Basilisk Eater: Defeated Pupa, Chrysalis, Cocoon, Peace Walker
  • Steel Eater: Defeated all AI weapons

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