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  • BIG Boss

    virtuous mission 1

    June 13, 2010 by BIG Boss

    Today was the first mission i would have to perform on my own however i knew that with my training of CQC i would survive... or so I hoped, I thought that i would be screwed If i ment someone who knew how to use there gun but reassured me saying "Don't worry, they barely know how to hold a gun let alone use it" so that made me fell better.

    Around 8.00 AM I met my support team for this mission.

    Paramedic, some dumb women who wouldnt shut up about movies. "HEY SNAKE!!!" she cried "Do you like movies!" "Not rea-" I tried to say but was quickly interupted

    (For the sake of you all I shortend her two hour long speech) "MOVIE MOVIE MOVIE GODZILLA JAPAN"

    After hearing her talk for two hours i thought "Nothing out there could be worse than that" and i …

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  • BIG Boss

    Start of a story

    June 13, 2010 by BIG Boss

    Well today i thought about writeing a little story from the start of operation snake eater to where I am now so enjoy.

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