Carl Gustav Fulton Recovery

The Carl Gustav M2 (Fulton Recovery) missile highlighted in the weapon selection screen in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

The Carl Gustav M2 (Fulton Recovery) is a missile that Fulton recovers soldiers in its splash damage radius. It is very useful in ops that feature soldiers who gather in groups or for S ranking the many Mech battles. It is obtained by clearing Extra Op 98. However, it makes noise and can attract the attention of enemies. Fire from a concealed position or at a distance if possible.

When combined with the Infinity Bandana (unlocked by S ranking Extra Op 119), players can S rank most Extra Ops, including Mech battles, fairly easily by using the items in conjunction with the Sneaking Suit. The Fulton Launcher can also be used to recover soldiers that are in usually inaccessible areas.

Requirements Edit


  • Complete Extra Op 98

Level 3:

  • R&D Team Level: 74 (or higher)
  • Medical Team Level: 56 (or higher)
  • Intel Team Level: 67 (or higher)

Level 4:

  • R&D Team Level: 82 (or higher)
  • Medical Team Level: 69 (or higher)
  • Intel Team Level: 71 (or higher)

Level 5:

  • R&D Team Level: 89 (or higher)
  • Medical Team Level: 93 (or higher)
  • Intel Team Level: 89 (or higher)

Notes Edit

  • As well as being extremely loud, be aware that this weapon has a low camo index; equipping it will increase the chance of being seen by enemies from far away, so players should not have this actively equipped unless they are about to fire.
  • Each level increases max ammunition by one, from 3 at Level 3 to 5 at Level 5.
    • More ammo can be acquired during missions by using a Support Marker.