Now in Eastern Limon, travel through El Cenagal to reach the Sandinista Liberation Front's leader, before the occupying mercenaries do.

Premise: There are only four regions in this short run to meet the Comandante, but the final region - Rio Del Jade - houses 6 soldiers. 5 on patrol, and 1 sentry in the tower located on the far side. Rio del Jade will be your biggest challenge here, but nothing short of an easy sweep if you've adjusted to the controls.

  • Mission Completion Award:

M1911A1 Design Specifications, Rank 1.

LAW portable rocket launcher, Rank 1 unlocked.


In the Jungle area there are two guard sentries at the truck where you enter. Tranq both targets, or hold up the one closest you to kickstart the mission. Be aware that you can acquire 2 items from a sleeping/unconscious soldier, or all 4 items by using holdup first. Always tiptoe into holdups until you acquire a sneaking suit. Directly on the right path from the soldiers are 8x Tranquilizer rounds if you need them. Carry onward to the Ravine, where you'll find Weapon Rounds on the right, and a Ration on the left. Nothing else to see here now.

The Swamp area ahead is unique in that the soldiers will look at each other frequently- knock one out, and another will be right there in about 10 seconds. Start with the closest two targets- wait until one walks as close to you as possible, then attack both and finish the third guard off quickly. Alternatively, let guard number 3 wake up his comrades and make a break quietly off toward Rio del Jade. If you've KO'd or killed everyone, take note of the Weapon Rounds stashed behind the boat.

Rio del Jade will be tough the first time if you're not patient. Tranq or kill all targets to continue- if going non-lethal, then tranq the two soldiers closest, then the machine gun patroller in the boathouse. Prep a nice spot where you've got a view of the tower and patiently line up a shot on the sentry there. Once he's asleep, the final two soldiers should either still be patrolling or just spotting a sleeping comrade. You won't be spotted immediately if you stay crouched, at a distance and don't make big movements- but don't let them get too close either!

There are two Ammo boxes in the building abutting the sentry tower, left corner from the door. The final cutscene is interactive, with two targets to eliminate- so stay ready.

S Rank Guide:Edit

It's all in the Sneaking Suit. Blow past everything until Rio Jade, then tranq all the soldiers in sight there as fast as possible. 4:15 will give an S rank.

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