Santa Claus dialogue with Huey:Edit

Listen to the tape logs about Peace Walker from Huey after the second battle, and pick the tape "Transmitting data to NORAD." Snake will talk about how NORAD tracks Santa, and Huey will laugh at Snake for his joke- however Snake appears to be completely serious.

  • Dialogue from the game:

Huey- "Snake, how much do you know about the U.S. homeland air defense network?"

Snake- "I don't know much about what goes on up in the sky."

Snake- "What I do know is that NORAD tracks Santa Claus on its radar."

Huey- "Ha! Nice one. I didn't know you were a comedian, too!"

Snake- "Huh? No, I'm serious..."

(Huey laughs.)

Snake- "It's true. NORAD tracks his...

(Huey laughs even more.)

Snake- "Listen to me! Every December, they set up a hot line and..."

(Huey slowly stops laughing.)

Huey- "Ok, Ok, I get it.

Snake- "...He's real, I tell ya!"

Snake- "He... used to bring me presents and..."

  • Also during the next tape, Huey still pokes fun at Snake:

Huey- "Ok, Snakey. As all good little boys know,"

Huey- "keeping tabs on Santa Claus is a very important job for NORAD."

Hidden MSF recruit, "HIDEO" :Edit

In the interactive cutscenes for the levels Infiltrate the Enemy Supply Base or Zadornov Search Mission 5, choose some of the incorrect truck choices first. You'll find a few funny cargo hauls, cameos, and the collectible character HIDEO within truck number 63824. Choose truck 64779, or the truck labeled with Russian license plates to continue the level.

69 Edit

On the cassette in the beginning cut scene (or the second) the cassette has 69 written on the bottom right corner (Hideo you dog).

Monster Hunter LevelsEdit

After unlocking the Cocoon Battle, listen to all of Chico's briefing tapes (go to any mission, select Briefing Files, then listen to or use O and skip through all of them). After that, go to Extra Ops 29,turn around, and enter the area behind you. Walk along the dock and a cutscene should activate with Trenya (Felyne cat from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite). After this the Monster Hunter stages should be available in Extra Ops, your first battle is against Rathalos (EX121).