• Analyzer: A device that analyzes enemy information.
  • T. Chips: Taco flavored chips. Restores player's health.
  • Curry
  • Mate
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Fulton Recovery System: The method of recruiting neutralized enemies provided they are still alive. The user must crouch and position them self close or on the enemy for it to be deployed while the attached inflatable balloon sends the enemy airborne for evacuation away from the battlefield.
  • Love Box: A box capable of fitting two people inside but also allows the user increased access to elevated obstacles.
  • Z.C. Soda
  • Lime Soda
  • Night Vision Goggles (NVG): Electrical optical device that detects heat sources and enables vision in the dark by amplifying faint light not visible to the human eye.
  • Rations: Rations will restore your health. Rations are able to be cooked on Isla Del Monstruo at Ex ops.64, 121-126.
  • Ballistic Shield: Shield made from bulletproof material and can be used to block bullets. It can be only used with one-handed weapons like M1911, M10 and UZ61
  • Colored Ballistic Shield: Works same way as Ballistic shield but this is able to get in colored version.
  • Soliton Radar: A radar that reveals the enemy's location and vision range in real time as well as the terrain at the same elevation as the user. Extended usage over a period of time will drain its battery and any mode other than normal will disable it. R&D Improvement: Reduced battery drain. At Rank 5 it doesn't anymore need battery.
  • Sonic Eye
  • Stealth Mat
  • Surround Indicator
  • Tank Box: It fires grenades. You know you want one, too.
  • Assassin's Straw Box: Assassin's Straw Box works almost as same way as cardboard box diffrence is that player can drag enemy in box and knock him/her unconcious. If there is two players in Assassin's Straw box other player can fulton extract enemy after other player has knocked him/her.
  • Stealth Camo: Runs on batteries. Unlocked by doing extra ops 50 with S rank. NOTE: This item prevents you to get S rank if it is used.
  • Infinity Bandana: Gives infinite ammo. Unlocked by completing extra ops 119 with S rank.

Japan OnlyEdit

  • AXE Body Spray (Cologne in US and EU)
  • Doritos (T. Chips in US and EU)
  • Mountain Dew (Lime Soda in US and EU)