Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's rendition of the CIA-funded Skyhook device [1] is a smaller, obviously size-efficient pocket version with instant helium pressurization and convenient fanny-pouch carrying case. Adjusted by Kazuhira Miller to meet the rising standards of Militaires Sans Frontieres, the Fulton Balloon's transfer line has been removed so the unit can be received directly via helicopter, Metal Gear, Monkey Ball, or magic flying carpet. Even indoors.

Sarcasm aside, you'll find many uses for the Fulton System in Peace Walker; from extracting soldiers to conscript for MSF, to removing evidence of downed guards from the field. Peace Walker's efficiency-altered version of the device becomes a humorous, and useful tool to Big Boss.


  • Remove downed guards that might block ladder climbing or object examination.
  • Extract tranquilized soldiers within a demolition zone or intended ordinance target space.
  • Research and Development allows extraction to leave items behind.

(Up to two.)

  • Receive faculty, POWs, scouts, or commandos for conscription to MSF.
  • Clear the field in mech unit engagements to lure out vehicle commanders.


  • Replaces item scavenging.
  • Maximum capacity, 13 units.
  • Uses the Action button, which is also assigned to Reload. Fulton recovery may occasionally be delayed by a reload if your weapon is not at full clip capacity, or if the extraction target is not aligned compatibly.

Fulton Balloons may be picked up as early as the mission Rescue Amanda, and are occasionally found scattered on mech battlefields such as Mi-24A Chopper Battle.