Your first mission as Big Boss, travel to the Caribbean coast, Central America en route to Puerto Limon and discover the source behind military action in Costa Rica.

Premise: Take a few moments with MSF and later Kaz to practice weapons targeting, adjust options, camera settings, test techniques and then break through the nearby chain-link gate with a hand grenade. March on toward Bosque del Alba, where mercenaries have set up a communications outpost in the rainforest. Slip past any guards and make your way to the comm building.

  • Completion awards:

M1C Sniper Rifle design specifications (Rank 1)

Smoke grenade design specs (R.1)

Beginner's Guide:Edit

Make sure you get a feel for the controls now as best you can- don't worry about rushing for an S rank the first time, just grab your M16 and blast some coconuts. Adjust control settings. Blow up a fuel can in the tides, or have some fun with the shooting targets.

The PSP doesn't have much to offer you for controller ergonomics, but the Metal Gear team has still tried to balance aim control, targeting, movement and the like. You might get frustrated sometimes, but there's always a trick or two you'll learn on the way. Biggest things for you to know right now- you're completely vulnerable when running, and can even be heard when crouching. Only when Snake is tiptoeing can you rest assured that no one can hear you. Also, you cannot hold enemies with the M16 equipped.

MGS4 players like myself will probably want to go scare the mercs into surrender straight away, but this will only happen if the enemy did not hear you approach, and it's kind of hard to sneak up on a patrolling guard while moving at tiptoe speed. Your first attempt at CQC in this game could result in having a guard turn to face you at the last second if you rush in. Just KO any mercs with tranquilizers or avoid detection all together: focus on that objective and learning the movements for now. Reach the second story of the comm villa and be prepared, cutscenes may have interactive button sequences!

  • Cardboard box fanatics: check the scaffolding on the left in the comm base for your first cardboard box pickup.
  • Once you complete this mission, place Kazuhira on the R&D team, along with any faculty that have higher R&D skill than combat skill. Place all combat specialized troops in the Combat Unit. Begin R&D on the Lvl. 2 Hushpuppy, Analyzer Goggles, and Smoke Grenades.

S Rank Walkthrough:Edit

Earn the Sneaking Suit and run past like a fiend every time a sentry turns his back. Holdups are faster than tranq attacks, unless the opponent is at range. Blast through to the objective and skip all cutscenes. 3:30 is good enough for an S rank.

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