Outer Ops Menu

Outer Ops is the name given for missions Snake may assign to non-player characters of the MSF Mother Base faculty to operate automatically when you are away on story arc or Extra Ops missions. Characters can only be assigned to Outer Ops once the feature has been acquired through story progression and the designated agents of your choice are placed in the Combat Unit team.

Outer Ops missions are completely computer-controlled scenarios in which you pit soldiers you have acquired against predetermined NPC opponents including other soldiers, and even mechanized units such as APCs, Tanks, and Helicopters. Up to eight units may be placed, including mechanized units acquired by Snake. Once at least one unit is selected and the player enters Launch Attack, the scenario will automatically occur over time -beyond your observation, and will conclude after a Main Ops or Extra Ops mission has been successfully completed. You may cancel or revise your team before executing a mission, though, by cancelling the attack.

The game mechanic is a turn-based minigame in which you simply select the most appropriate units to combat the types provided to the Enemy Team. Meet force with force, at first using footsoldiers to fight footsoldiers, and later matching mechs with more powerful mechs, or by force multipliers. In addition, the Kampfpistole (K. Pistol) available randomly from Outer Ops 40-48 make your soldiers more effective against vehicles.

(Example: Two MSF tanks to one enemy tank.)

The most important tactic of note is that units in the front row are primary targets and defenders. Place high defense targets and strong Mechs in front- delegate weak units and some choppers to back row positions. Outer Ops missions may award special items, Confidential Documents, volunteer troops, or even stocks of unlocked items to be stored up at Mother Base in bulk. Metal Gear ZEKE can be sent into Outer Ops if it has enough components. However, it will lose any AI Weapon components equipped if it is destroyed during the Outer Ops.

  • It is highly recommended that you never deploy ZEKE into Outer Ops with an S++ mission rating unless you've collected many mech units of equal power to deploy alongside it. Level A/S footsoldiers may not be sufficient alone.