After the attack by 'El Colibri,' Snake leaves Rio del Jade and heads back to the Ravine in El Cenegal en route to Bananal.

Premise: As soon as you take control, Kaz pipes in that there's a patrol headed your way to check out the area. Flee the patrol, head to the Ravine, cross the bridge and make your way to Bananal: Fruta de Oro.


The fastest way to get out of trouble in Rio del Jade is to face about from the moment you take control and head directly behind the sniper tower. There's a back route that will lead you to the jungle where you first entered. Two stupid guards and one truck again- but if you're really Ammo crazy, there's something up the hill on the left for you: right where you started in the last mission. Furthermore there's a ration in the Swamp below the tallest tree, and another directly on the path out of Cenagal that you need to take in the Ravine. Mmmm... MREs.

Tranq the two guards on the bridge, or take one of the only good opportunities in the game to use a handrail to sneak by- just make sure you're standing, otherwise it won't work and Kaz will yell at you fiercely...

You'll head into the Swamp (Look across the river, it's really the same swamp.) at which point you might learn that mud is noisy and dangerous. Avoid approaching the first guard at speed because splashing about is a surefire way to reach Alert status. Tranq guard number one, or approach at minimum speed. There's a guy coming down the hill who may be able to spot your first target, so stay focused.

Sorting shed is full of great items. Fulton Balloons on the left, a love box on the right before the fence, two POWs who can be extracted by Fulton System, and two rations. The final guard can be tough to hit if you cannot move and aim simultaneously, so stay still and out of sight. Wait for him to stay put and tranq him.

  • Confidential Documents:

On the second floor of the boat house (to your right when you spawn) is the design specs for the Stun Grenade.

In the room on the far right side of the Sorting Shed map is a POW, ammo crate, and Confidential Documents containing the plans for developing Twin Barrel Shotgun Rank 1.

  • Camouflage Outfit:

Search the last structure on the left before you exit the level for the Tiger Stripe Camo outfit.

S Rank Tip:Edit

Sneaking Suit. Run everywhere. Skip cutscenes. Aim for less than 4:30m.

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