Snake has located Amanda, but she won't be able to cooperate fully until you find Chico as well. She's convinced Chico will be able to provide you with better intel, and it's along the path of evidence you're following anyway.

Premise: Travel through Camino de Lava: Hillside and Junction to reach Aldea Los Despiertos, the mercenary POW camp.

  • Mission Completion Awards

C4 Design Specs (Rank 1)

Support Supply Marker Unlocked


Hillside contains two patrol guards, but they're not within close proximity, so any less-than-lethal takedowns should go unnoticed. Head to Junction, but don't rush ahead. There's a sniper perched on the left side of the junction, and two patrol units on foot in front of you. Stay camouflaged and take out the two guards down low while hugging the wall on your left. Stay under the sniper and creep past, or tranq his face with the Mk22.

  • POW

Behind the train's engine car, you will find a POW laying on a flatbed. Press forward to climb- Snake can climb ledges this small- and use the Fulton system. This POW averages C to D rank, but know that you can exit the area and the character may change.

In Despiertos, there are four patrol guards and a few houses with blue doors. Take out the necessary guards, and select which door you believe Chico is randomly placed in. Hold the Action button to interact with the doors. There are a few prank houses if you select the wrong doors first.

  • One of which has a man calling for his "mama".

S Rank Run:Edit

Yes, the sneaking suit is again my primary suggestion. Ignore the sniper and as many guards as possible. Skip all cutscenes, run for Chico, and hopefully select the correct door first. Aim for less than 3 minutes.

Exact limit unknown at this time. [03:49 is good enough for a S Rank]

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