One of Metal Gear: Peace Walker's best camouflage outfits, this suit actually maintains less stealth index than most, but allows the user to walk or run up to enemy soldiers without audible warning.

- Obtained after completing Attack Chopper Battle: Mi-24A.

(Mission 12.)


  • Hold-ups are now possible running at full speed, making this the best camouflage for fast mission completion and most S Rank attempts in the game. This Camouflage and a Tranquilizer Gun with the Soliton Radar will assure you an S Rank in all non-fighting levels hence the easy Hold-Ups, and if you have a Bandana along with you, even in fighting levels since you can use the smoke grenades (oh I forgot, the Night Vision Goggles come in very handy) and then the Fulton Mines freely.
  • Sentries may be passed at full speed without being alerted to noise.
  • Advanced healing and Psyche restore abilities- lie prone to activate.
  • Footsteps are still audible to Snake. You'll still be able to keep track of what you're walking on- for example, water or steel- in case you plan on incapacitating multiple enemies with the Stun Rod.
  • More utility weapons space than other outfits- 5 total.
  • Despite lower total camo index, retains higher camouflage when moving than other outfits, especially crouched.


  • Reduced ammunition for main weapons.
  • Reduced camo index in certain outdoor or unique environments compared to specialized outfits.
  • Less Defense than other suits.