The Stealth Camouflage, or Stealth Camo, is an item that allows the player to become completely invisible until the battery wears out (it can recharge). It is unlocked by obtaining an S rank on Extra Op 50.

Note that using the Stealth Camouflage during a mission will automatically prevent the player from getting an S rank (players are notified of this on the "Mission Results" screen), making it rather useless for such a late-game item.

Requirements Edit


  • S rank Extra Op 50

Level 1:

  • R&D Team Level: 88 (or higher)
  • Intel Team Level: 88 (or higher)
  • Staff with [Metamaterials Technology] skill

Notes Edit

  • The three POWs in Extra Op 49 are all high level R&D staff and one will have the "Metamaterials Technology" skill. The sniper in the second area in the Main Op "Rescue Chico" is an S rank in Intel, but players will need the Carl Gustav M2 (Fulton Recovery) to grab him because he is on an inaccessible ledge. Placing a Fulton Mine below the sniper will also work. Both of these Ops are thus great for farming the high level staff required for this item.
  • Creating the Stealth Camouflage unlocks the Achievement/Trophy "Stealth camouflage".