This particular member of the Cobras will span a significant area of 3 zones, and as such will be a test against your sniping mettle.

Avoiding the battle Edit

  • If you elected to get the Dragunov from the Ponizovje West armoury, you could optionally snipe him before actually meeting him; this replaces him with an Ocelot unit.
  • If you missed sniping him, but hurt him, he will start off with either less health or stamina.
  • You can still avoid the fight if you save the game after entering Sokrovenno South and quit to the main menu, then set your system clock to one week ahead (or so). Starting the game again will kill him due to 'old age'.

If you elected instead to go to the actual fight, refer to the guide below.

Tips for the battle Edit

  • Eat as much food as you can if you get hit by a dart. They will drain your stamina; when you run out of this, you'll be carted back to the cell in