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This is the shortest mission in the whole main ops missions of Peace Walker. As you enter, beyond the pile of wood is a soldier who can be taken care of by the MK.22. Then you will encounter a POW if you keep moving forward till the second pile of Wood. But be alert regarding the soldier on the adjacent roof. Move back amd tranq him. The guard exactly right of your position. Then move forward and again turn right. Taking the wood pile as cover tranq the one or two gaurds on the ground and carefully kill or tranq the gaurd you saw on the roof.

Alternative 2: when all three guards are not looking and hopefully you have the Sneaking Suit, just sprint past them into the goal. Equipment should be Mk.22, M16 and Sneaking suit.

This is the op in which you can obtain the Assassin's Box, and also gain the trophy Leap of Faith. Near the area where you tranq the guard on the roof there is a ladder. Climb this and then get across to the other building by rolling across the gap. Move up to the apex of the roof and you will notice a discoloured patch on the roof near the edge that faces the road. Step on this and an action icon will appear. Miller will tell you that you can jump into the bale of straw below. Do so and collect your item and trophy. The Assassin's Box is incredibly handy for S-ranking the harder Extra Ops missions.